So you've been considering booking a boudoir session, have visited a bunch of different sites, talked to photographers, and finally decided on Lanora Ronée Photography. Now what?

The experience each of our clients is given is an extremely personalized, hands-on experience from the moment of inquiry until you have your keepsakes in hand. So many clients expect to pay their retainer and then not talk to us again until the day of your session. NOPE! We're changing that mold, right here, right now. With Lanora Ronée Photography, it's different. Boudoir is such a raw moment that requires the utmost trust between photographer and client, and we 100% believe in building that relationship - and oftentimes, a friendship - up from the ground.  

Your boudoir session begins the moment you inquire.  Once we've spoken and you've decided on a day and time for your session, you will receive your custom booking proposal via email. This breaks down every. single. cost. associated with your boudoir session and gives you all of the details that you will need to know. It also includes your contract with a bunch of fun legal jargon, and finally, your invoice for your retainer. 

Since signing contracts can be pretty overwhelming, we'll give you a week or so before sending over your preshoot questionnaire - especially if your session is at least a few weeks away. This questionnaire is full of all different kinds of questions, including why you're booking your session, your style, personality, likes, dislikes, and even your favorite music! This helps us to tailor each experience to fit YOU. After all, this is your session. The style portion is especially important, as it helps to make sure that the client closet is stocked full of goodies for your session.  

Another thing we do to prepare for your session is to send over our Client Introduction sheet to our hair and makeup artist! This introduces her to you with your name, a photo of you, your session time, and gives some information about your style, the hair and makeup look you are wanting for the day of the session, and any additional pertinent information! 

Finally, the day of your session comes and it goes off without a hitch. Now what? Well, within 24 hours, you will receive your fully retouched sneak peek image from your session. At this time, we will also schedule your reveal session. These take place either via Facebook video chat or in-person, depending where you live. You will first see a customized slideshow of the very best images from your session as your first viewing. Once this is done, we will then go through every single image together and select your HELL YES photos, your so-so's, and your definitely nots.  If you've already selected your keepsakes, we will then pick which images are used in each keepsake. If not, this is when we decide which collection you would like, or if you'd prefer to browse through our à la carte menu. Once your keepsakes arrive, if you're in town, we'll meet for a coffee and review! Otherwise, you can expect that your beauties will arrive safely via Priority Mail.  

I hope this helps to give you a little bit of an idea of what it's like to work with me! As always, we're looking forward to working with you... and if you have ANY questions at all, please don't hesitate to ask! 

Xo, S