Chrystal - A Woman Empowered

Chrystal came back for her second boudoir session with Lanora Ronée Photography this past Saturday.  She and I have known each other for a while, but until her first session with me - she'd never even considered doing a boudoir session! 

The first time she walked into my studio, the nerves were palpative.  Throughout her entire session, I witnessed her slowly break out of her shell and she began to shine.  The woman who walked out of my studio that day was certainly not the nervous, shy woman who walked in.  She was strong.  She was confident.  She was powerful.     

A few weeks after our first session, Chrystal shared her testimonial with me and I'd be lying if it didn't bring me to absolute tears.  The following is what she shared with me and my VIP group about her experience: 

"I don’t know this woman.

But, I want to be her best friend. She is confident. She is classy. She is bad ass. She is sexy. She is tender. She is happy. She is fierce. A fighter. A lover. A friend. A mom. A daughter. And so much more. She loves fearlessly and faithfully. And most importantly she knows who she is and loves herself. I want to be like her.

I see her in passing sometimes, a quick glance or flicker and then she’s gone. Elusive.

Ok. Yes, the girl that was photographed for... this was me. But the woman captured is someone I don’t know. But she is someone I aspire to be.

Let me break that realization down. The person I aspire to be is me. The most confident, fierce, brave, and loving version of myself. The woman I know is clearly hiding somewhere not over the rainbow, but just buried deep within the hot mess, work in progress version I am right now. The self conscious, probably will type this out several times before I get enough courage to actually post it, anxious, always nervous and worried version of myself.

This realization literally brought me to tears. Everyday we struggle to be someone different than we are. Comparing our selves to other women in our lives. I always see such beautiful women on my timeline and catch myself thinking how I wish I could look like that. Many of us are on a journey of self love and we have someone in mind that we want to be more like.. a friend, a parent, a celebrity that seems to have it all together..."

Our second session took place on Saturday and let me tell you.  I didn't even recognize the woman who walked into my studio.  She was confident.  She was bold.  She was 100% fearless.  And she OWNED herself.  The complete change in demeanor was astounding, and Chrystal truly is a woman empowered.  ANYWAY!  Enough jabbering - keep scrolling to check out the rest of her session from Saturday, and to finish reading her testimonial at the very end.  

... I agreed to this photo shoot to help a friend with her business. I didn’t realize how much it would help me. You can ask her... I showed up my same goofy, shy, awkward self.. making weird faces in some of the photos.. those are the “me-right-now” pictures, the girl who went in for the photo shoot. But when I got to see those photos, it was me that had been helped, I don’t know if it’s been any help to her.

It was so EMPOWERING. I looked at this picture and thought “who is that?!? How come I never see her? I wanna be like her!” And when I realized what that meant... I definitely let out some tears. That woman is the me I want to be. I want to be everything she represents. Confident. Fierce. Humble. Beautiful. Bad Ass. Classy. Fearless. All of it. And I want to see myself that way. I want to stop comparing myself to other women and just work on getting closer to the best version of myself.

If you are trying hard to find parts of yourself to love, do this. Do something that scares you. Do something that makes you nervous. Even if you never show anyone. Just jump all in. You might be surprised who you find."

Thanks for reading and, as always, keep on slaying beauty!