Your website is often the very first impression potential clients will have of you. When it comes to this day and age, our attention spans are getting shorter and shorter (I often affectionately refer to my own crotch goblins as goldfish)! Because of this, it is so unbelievably important to capture the attention of your clients from the very first click - and many times, a website falls short in that.

As a photographer, I found that many other photographers seem to struggle with the web design side of things, and that's where I come in. I've been designing websites and working in social media marketing for almost 7 years - it has always been my job to make my boss and company look good. I have a wide range of experience across several extremely specialized industries, including building websites to improving SEO.

If you've found this page, you're either drooling over my work or decided you finally need to buckle down, put your big girl/boy panties on, and get help with your website. I'll let you know right now: I'm blunt (slightly assholeish), I give harsh criticism, and I struggle with the compliment sandwich. It's my job to make YOU look good, and that does not happen with asspats and cookies. We cannot improve when we're comfortable, and that is exactly what I'm here to do: to make you AND your business look as good as possible, and to keep attracting your clients.

Can't wait to work with you. Xo - S

Hot Mess Express

With Hot Mess Express, you get me and the whole enchilada (or salad, if you're trying to behave): website mentoring, marketing material changes, and a workflow overhaul. We meet three separate times over Skype for an hour each. During your Consult & Review, I walk through your site with you, page by page, and provide you with a roadmap of changes, improvements, and suggestions. You'll receive a list of actionable items and pointers for overall site improvement and device-to-device responsiveness.

At our Follow-Up session, we check out your new & improved site, I give you a virtual high five for actually listening to the shit I said (I promise I know what I'm talking about), and then we discuss SEO and device-to-device responsiveness. I will also answer any questions you may have about web design.

Finally, you receive a Free for All session during which you can pick my brain for assistance with almost anything. We'll talk about all of the different changes I made to your workflow and marketing materials. I'll explain what you were doing right, and what was unbelievably wrong. You'll walk away with a completely renewed look on business, ready to tackle the world. Leggggo!


Love it a Latte

If you're anything like my son and math, he likes to be shown what to do, go attempt to figure out the problem himself, and then come show me and make sure it was done right. This exact same scenario can be applied to ANYTHING in life: cooking, working out, and even web design. My Love it a Latte package uses my son as the model for how our consulting relationship will work.

With Love it a Latte, you receive two 45-minute Skype sessions: a Consult & Review, as well as your Follow-Up (peep the Hot Mess Express to see details about each session). Once I have received your questionnaire and have done an initial review of your website, we will schedule these sessions approximately 14 days apart. Ready to start?


Just the Tip

Hands-on learning tends to be the best way for many to learn web design, and with the availability of so many different platforms, it seems almost pointless to not do it yourself. Web designers also tend to be extremely expensive, and those of us on a small budget just cannot afford it. And that's okay. Just the Tip takes what you've already taught yourself, and expands on it to make sure you're ready to take on the interwebz.

With Just the Tip, you receive one 30-minute Skype Consult & Review session. After you've finished my questionnaire and I've completed my website assessment, I will reach out via email within 7 business days to schedule your consult.


By Your Selfie

If you already have a well-established site and/or workflow, albeit potentially struggling, my By Your Selfie package is a great option to improve on the basics. After inquiring and completing the questionnaire about your business, you select whether you're needing website assistance or marketing material and workflow help. Within 3-5 business days, you will receive either:

A custom email review of your site with simple suggestions for improvement, with primary focus on navigation & flow, readability/grammar/punctuation, and responsiveness.


Marketing material and workflow review including formatting, an overhaul on readability, grammar, and punctuation, and a clear workflow for email automation.



Client Workflow

Client inquiries are so unbelievably exciting... until it's time to reply... and then you get crickets. Why does this happen? What went wrong? Did you email back too quickly? Was your subject line wrong?

Having a set workflow is so critical for client communication. Templates are available everywhere, but you want something unique and different from the other 84483 photographers.

That's where I come in. I make sure you cover all of your bases, get those consult phone calls, and secure your bookings - even if that means adding additional emails into your workflow. Ready to automate?


Marketing Materials

Marketing materials are such a damn beast to tackle. Brochures, pricing sheets, digital, paper, the list goes on and on. I don't know about you, but it was such a pain in the ass to ensure each piece of my marketing matches.

Then, the modality in which you deliver. Do you send PDFs? Link back to your site? Use a third-party platform for ease of use? Don't worry. I've gotchu.

Picture this: you send your materials to me, This can include anything from welcome guides to pricing sheets to brochures. I review, adjust, and completely redesign to make sure everything compliments one another. I send back to you, and you take off running. Sound good?


Bundle Those Bishes

You've got the clients. You've got the workflow, even if it isn't automated. You've got the marketing materials. You have 85 different tabs open, Photoshop keeps crashing, and you're sick of making sure your prices, wording, and brand matches across the board. Sit back, take a deep breath, and close. that. computer. If you need help with both aspects, I'm here for you.

This bundle provides both a marketing material and workflow review including formatting and design, an overhaul on readability, grammar, and punctuation, and a clear workflow for email automation. I'll make sure your brand matches across the board, and you're set up for success. Are you ready to start? Let's talk.


*add-ons are available for Just the Tip and Love it a Latte only.