Emotions, love - they're raw. Being in a relationship, being in love... it requires a certain level of vulnerability, of trust, that so many are afraid of showing. It's one thing to drop your walls with a friend; it's a whole different ballpark when it comes to letting another person in, to bare your soul and heart without worry of rejection. That authentic connection deserves to be captured, memorialized with photography. Raw Intimacy was born from the desire to immortalize those raw, gritty, and vulnerable moments between lovers - the secret glances, the laughter, the touches, the intrigue, the love. It emboldens you to strip down those walls and get to the core of your connection with your lover: raw, deep, intimate.

When you're ready to break down those barriers and immortalize your story... let's talk.

Your Investment

Session Fee

• 2-hour session*
• 2 outfits with style guidance
• 5 digital images included
• Secure online gallery of up to 80 images to choose final images from
• Additional time & outfits are available at $100/hr

➜ Location fees separate


* Please note, you are welcome to choose your own home as the location for your session to save on costs; however, certain restrictions do apply. Travel fees starting at $50 will be due for addresses 50+ miles of 76088. There must be ample natural light throughout each room we will shoot in, and you are responsible for ensuring your home is clean and without clutter at the time of your session. No children can be present while shooting, so please make separate arrangements if you do have little ones at home.

Image Collections

Outside of the included images with your session fee, photos from the rest of your session are purchased separately by choosing a Collection below. Your photos are housed within a secure online gallery, and you are able to select your final images out of those delivered. This gallery will include the very best from your session, and can be viewed within 21 business days after your session. Once you have selected your favorite images, downloads will be opened up for that unique list. You will be provided with a unique pin, and are able to download both high-resolution images as well as social media res, ready to be uploaded to Facebook and Instagram!

If you have selected the keepsake option to present your images, the timing in which you will receive your prints varies based on processing and shipping speeds with my fine arts lab.  This is also dependent on how long it takes for you to select your images for your chosen keepsake, so please make sure to submit your favorites list to me in a timely manner! Once I have received this list and prepared your order, I will follow up with you and let you know when to anticipate receiving your keepsake.

It is important to note that no final images will be released for download until your chosen Collection has been paid in full. You are able to begin pre-paying for your chosen collection prior to your session with our convenient, no-interest payment plans of up to 3 months*. Please mention that you are interested in a payment plan if you would like to use one for your session. AND!! If you prepay for your desired image collection prior to your session, you receive 10% off!

*Payment plan schedule dependent on investment amount.


Collection A

5 high-resolution, digitally
retouched images of choice

1 / 4



(password: kiki)

Location menu coming soon

Fine print: Session availability is first-come, first-serve based on the return of both the signed contract and retainer fee. The aforementioned session fee serves as a non-refundable retainer due upon booking to reserve session date. Additional fees may be incurred in the event you need to reschedule. All sales subject to Fort Worth sales tax rate of 6.25%. Due to the nature of photography, all sales are final with no refunds. Prices are non-negotiable and are subject to change without notice. Current pricing will be honored at the time of booking, provided a signed contract and retainer have been returned. Turnaround time for final edits is approximately 14-21 business days.


Why do you need to meet with both of us?

It is so important for everyone who is involved in this type of session to be on the same page, as well as be in full agreement PRIOR to booking your session. Affirmative consent is the name of my game, and I need to make sure that both you AND your partner have granted full consent to this session.

With that said - since Raw Intimacy sessions CAN move into an erotic or shared-kink styling, please be aware that safety of all parties as well as comfort is of utmost importance. If at any point I feel as if the session should no longer take place, or if consent is withdrawn at any point, I reserve the right to end the session prior to the pre-determined end time. If this does happen, I will communicate my intent clearly and the session fee is non-refundable.

Do I need to choose from your location menu?

NOPE! You are welcome to pick your own location, whether it be a studio rental, a hotel, or a Peerspace location. No matter what location you choose, please note that you are responsible for all charges and fees associated with renting the location. In order to get accurate pricing, please test a booking for a total of 2 hours on a weekend. This will give you an accurate final price for the rental.

However, if you choose to go this route, you are responsible for talking with the owner and ensuring they are comfortable with couples boudoir and photography PRIOR to booking. Many locations are strict in terms of what they allow during a stay on their premises, so please be transparent with the owner. If you would rather I work out the logistics with the owner, please let me know. I will ask for you to provide a minimum of three alternate locations so that I can connect with them directly and confirm we will have permission to shoot there.

Why does my house need natural light?

As I'm a natural light photographer (I don't bring flash), having an ample amount of light indoors helps to ensure your photos are of highest quality. One of my favorite elements of natural light is how freeing it is when capturing these intimate moments, and it truly helps to embody the raw vulnerability and intimacy that I aim to capture. Please keep in mind that lighting changes throughout the day - especially depending on the direction your windows face. When booking your session, if you do choose to use your own home, be prepared for lots of questions to ensure we schedule your session at the best time of day.

Why did you ask me for photos of my home?

When working in a studio or a location I have already shot in, I am already intimately familiar with the layout, furniture, and lighting. If you have chosen your own home for your Raw Intimacy session, I will ask you for a quick snapshot of your living room, kitchen, and bedroom so that I am able to best prepare for your session prior to arriving. This helps to limit the time I spend rearranging upon arrival, and lets us to get right to work.

HELP! What do we wear?!

Breathe, styling is my JAAAAAM!!! I help to style your entire session, from elements of decor I may bring to pieces of my client closet if you choose to utilize this. When scheduling your session, I send out a questionnaire that helps me to learn your story, and get to know both you and your significant other. At this time, we will start to discuss styling - whether it be comfortable clothes, or the more intimate outfits like boxers and lingerie.

When will we get our photos?

My standard processing time is approximately 14-21 business days from the day of your session. I remain in contact throughout the editing process to keep you informed of when you should be receiving it. If you have chosen to include keepsakes with your order, the timing in which you will receive your prints varies based on processing and shipping speeds with my fine arts lab.

As I do offer gracious payment plans, please be aware that you will not receive your completed gallery or keepsakes until your collection has been paid in full. I do also offer a 10% discount on collections that are paid in full PRIOR to your session, and many of my clients choose to take advantage of my prepayment plan options. If you want to learn more about these, please let me know!

Will you share our photos?

Privacy is of UTMOST importance to me, and I recognize just how much someone may not want to share their images with the world. As such, the only way I would share your images is if you have granted me permission with a model release. There is absolutely no pressure to grant this permission, and many of my clients choose to remain private. This is your session, NOT mine, and that means the final decision of what takes place with your photographs rests in your hands alone.